Sunday, January 08, 2006

Christmas Memories

This, of course, was Michael's and my first Christmas together as a married couple. We had celebrated Christmas with my immediate family the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was really fun to see Zach open gifts, Maddie laughing at everything, and Ethan just growing up faster than weed!

The Tuesday before Christmas, Ollie Perkins, the Rockwall Perkins', the Royce City Perkins', and us went to the Otways to eat fajitas and celebrate Christmas. I think we has fajitas to make Michael feel more at home while being surrounded by white people (j/k babe).

Michael and I spent actual Christmas with the Hall family in Abilene. Michael's parents haven't sold their house their yet and Janie wanted to have one last Christmas there. The Hall family, due to Janie's constant urging, has many Christmas traditions. We watched many Christmas movies that I had never seen, read The Night Before Christmas, made Christmas cookies, looked at Christmas lights, and nearly went carolling (the family beat out Janie's vote on that). I'm sure there were more traditions that occurred, but I have a short memory. We also opened a gift each evening...I liked that a lot!! Michael's sisters gave me Rummikub and Yahtzee for my birthday and I received a massager and silverware from the in-laws for Christmas. Michael received sneakers and Seinfeld DVD's.

Michael was a sweetheart and bought me a laptop. We originally went with Dell. There were issues with it and Dell's customer service is horrible. (So bad, I want to use foul language). We decided to not go with Dell again and chose Toshib. I have Toshiba Satellite. It is so awesome! I highly recommend it.

Anyways, Christmas was a time to fellowship with family, but it also was a time to remember Christ. I hope your celebration was a good one as well!


Blake Perkins said...

Great pictures Brooke. Thank you for sharing everything with us.

Carole said...

Now that's the kind of blog I like, pictures of beautiful children!
Tell Michael I'll buy a can of tamales for him for next Christmas dinner!

Matt Foster said...

way to get michael sitting on the couch in the perkins family picture, lord knows we can't have him coming up to everyone else's knees.

Blake Perkins said...

Where was the picture of Dad's sack lunch at the Otways?

Brooke said...

What!? Dad brought a sacked dinner? I didn't know this! That's funny.

Carole said...

Yep, it's very embarassing being married to a finicky strange person. I mean, who wouldn't like FAJITAS!? I think he took a pb and j sandwich and an apple. Seems like he ate dessert though! ;)