Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More Randoms

I looked at my camera last night and found more pictures and videos to share.  Below is Audrey displaying her little stinker personality.  Check out that smirk!  Btw, we are certainly in the phase of all out fits when she becomes frustrated.  She also knows when we think she's cute and she hams it up.  Love that!

It is very rare that Audrey is just in a diaper, even though she loves it that way!  It's even more rare that Michael wears a cap.  I think this picture is pretty cute and it will most likely never happen again.  I just wish I had gotten a better shot.

Here is a video you may or may not enjoy.  Just depends on how invested you are in my kid! She's just playing in the pool here.

Here's a video of what Audrey loves to do lately.  Seriously, this kid loves everything I don't.  I hate spinning around and to feel like I'm falling.  She thinks this is the only way to have fun.   Even when she was colicky, if you swung her up and down, she would calm down.  Anyone want to take her to Six Flags when she's older?

I've mentioned before that I would love for a professional makeup artist to do my makeup.  I think that I even contemplated wearing hideous clothes for a while so TLC's What Not To Wear would come rescue me and give me a makeover.  

I got my chance about a week ago.  This guy, that is apparently top notch in the cosmetic world, was in town and putting makeup on desperate girls like me.  He was a sight to see, to be sure.   He wore a black shirt with red, possibly velour, pants and hightop sneakers.  He had these fantastic green eyes that he highlighted with mascara.  He had an assistant who stood behind him and would offer a clean brush for each new application.  After he worked on me, my technician just went on and on about how excited she was for me that he worked on me.  I had asked for a natural look.  I came home and took a washcloth to my face to remove much of the makeup before heading back out.  I was so disappointed.  I guess I got what I paid for...nuthin!


The Powell Family said...

Awww Brooke! I'm sorry the makeover didn't go as planned. That totally stinks. I would love to nominate myself for a makeover show. Maybe we can push them to do an ex-roomie show and makeover all of us girls together. Wouldn't that be fun!! All of us hanging out in NYC together!!

Audrey is precious! I volunteer to take her to Six Flags some day!

Lauren said...

I love the video of Audrey in her pool...so cute that she has her baby with her and is wearing a bow :) So sweet!

Lynn Leaming said...

So where is the makeup picture? Too cute watching Audrey try to catch the water, and then getting dizzy when she was spinning. Too cute!