Saturday, June 06, 2009

Update from the last month

I'm getting really bad at updating my blog, huh? I've been pushed by friends the last few times to update and here I am again. It has been a busy month!

Michael took 3 weeks vacation! We had grand plans and I even envisioned making a trip to the beach. It didn't turn out that exciting.

Michael spent the first 2 weeks at the library studying for the last portion of the CPA exam. And I'm happy to announce that he passed and once the paper work processes, he'll be a CPA! I'm very proud of how dedicated he was to do well at this and also balance everything else going on in his life. He is something else!

During this vacation time, he persuaded me to become a member at our rec center. We were going to trade out mornings of watching Audrey and working out. I've worked out once. :(

On his last week of vacation, we transformed our sunroom (actually, we just stored stuff in there) into a playroom for Audrey. This was quite a job! We had previously fixed the leaky roof and replaced the water-damaged ceiling. During this week, we put down carpet, replaced the lighting, changed up some electrical stuff, primed the brick, painted, changed paint colors and painted again, and painted furniture. We also bought curtains, but I will need a lot of spare time to shorten and hang those. Here is a before and after picture, but the after is not complete. Who knows when it will be.

During that last week of vacation, Michael also treated me to Texas de Brazil for part of my Mothers Day gift. YUM! Michael's sister watched Audrey while we were out. Unfortunately, we did not know that Audrey had a very contagious illness at that point. She had hand/foot/mouth disease and passed it on to her baby cousin Molly. Molly then passed it on to her sisters, Ashley and Kaley. I felt horrible about it! Thankfully, she did not pass it on to her other cousins, Maddie and Macie, and our friends Anna Lee and JD (just weeks old then) when we saw them that week. Audrey broke out with blisters on her hands, feet, and bottom, but not so much her mouth. We had to stay away from civilization for 10 days or so. She still may be contagious through her stools. We're always careful in that situation, so I'm not too concerned with that. Below is a fuzzy picture of Audrey's foot with the blisters.

Michael also got sick at the end of that week and took a couple of days off when work started back up. I had my hands full nursing my sick loved ones. I think I may have had migraines during this time. We were not fun to be around - for sure!

Recently, I've been making my baby gifts. My mother-in-law showed me how to sew hooded towels. I've made a few now. My first attempt was a little embarrassing. I'm sorry you were my first, JD! I save money by making these and I feel like it means more since I made it myself. Here are some pictures of a couple.

Update on Audrey. She has just been so fun lately! She has grown out of her whiny mood lately. She sings and laughs often. She plays so sweetly with her dolls and loves on us all the time. I'm loving this stage in her life!

I got my hair colored. I wanted to match my roots. I had been using my own box of color to cover up highlights. I wasn't matching my natural hair color well, so I went to a professional. Oops. I have black hair now. I should have known when my stylist told me while cutting my hair that he may be color blind because he can't tell the dark colors apart. Michael loves the black hair. I'm okay with it, but I'm trying to fade it out a bit by washing my hair with Dawn.

My brother and his wife (Brett and Jenny) are going to have a boy! Jenny's going to be outnumbered 4-1 in her house! Zachary and Ethan are great kids and so we're excited to have another little Perkins boy in the family!

That's all I can think of right now about the past month. I hope to update better this month, but no promises.


Michelle said...

The play room looks great!! And WAY TO GO MICHAEL!! I am glad that he passed the CPA and now can just work and not have to study and work.

Rachel said...

Love the playroom...what a project! And I love that handmade gifts are coming back in style...your towels look great! Audrey looks so grown up in her hat and dress.

Shannon said...

Look at your crafty lady! I have yet to embark on hooded towels. Were they easy? They are so cute, way to go!!

Love the playroom. It looks super cozy with the chocolate walls.

Way to go Michael!! I'm sure y'all are both glad it's over:)

Audrey is adorable! Love her hair!

Kaitlin said...

I saw your hair last week. I thought it looked cute! :) Joseph and Trever had HFM but they just had the blisters in their mouth. It was so sad :(

Miranda said...

I can't believe how big Audrey is!! She is too cute!

Tim Perkins said...

So you're shampooing with Dawn? I've told y'all that if times got hard to let me know. Your mom and I are always there to help.

Chad, Jennifer, and Hudson said...

Audrey is so grown up. Wow! Like a little woman. And I love the play room. Nice work!

Kelly Litton said...

I had lost your blog address when we got a new I haven't been checking in as often as usual...
We LOVE the towel you made for J.D. It was such a neat gift! As I am writing this, I am worried I never wrote you a thank you note. Sorry! I am so impressed when people make things. I am terrible at anything crafty! And it always means so much to me when people take the time to do or make something special for my kids. Your towel was a wonderful gift.

Thanks for all of your help tonight! Hope you weren't too worn out by the end!