Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter

What a lovely 3 day weekend. Michael took Good Friday off and joined me for a day of fun. My cousin, Jill, had her second child and first son, Hunter, on Thursday. Michael and I joined Mom to go see the precious baby boy on Friday.

Then Michael and I went to visit my aunt and grandmother at the Christian Care Center. We found my aunt cutting many of the residents' hair and my grandmother wanting to eat the ice cream sundaes they serve on Fridays. These ice cream sundaes are so delicious! We had a good time visiting with Nana and with her cousin, Louise.

Saturday, Michael and I did major yardwork. Not only did Michael mow, but he got out the chain saw and ax and went after some trees in the yard. I began pulling out weeds and tiny trees, and removing dead leaves or dying plants from the flowerbed. I became VERY sore from this work...still feeling it big time today.

Then Michael and I met with his family (Houston family came up for LTC) at the Olive Garden to eat lunch. They were all dressed up to get their picture made. Then after the families took their pictures, they came over to our house to visit and eat dinner (just Chic-Fil-A). I'll post some of the pictures after I scan them. They are growing so quickly!

A year ago Saturday, Michael asked me to marry him! I can't believe all that has happened since that day. God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. Praise Him! Michael and I bought this 9 games in 1 thing. He taught me how to play Chess Saturday night. I can see this becoming an obsession for me. You really have to think!

Easter Sunday, we went to Richardson East for a good worship service. It is so fun to see how dolled up the little kids get for Easter. I met a family that came from New Orleans and place membership at RE. They had a precious little girl that had at least 3 bows in her hair for her 1st Easter. She was adorable!!!

We then went to my bro-in-law's parents house in Plano. We had a fantastic dinner and hunted Easter Eggs. We also had cascarones. I had confetti all over me. The kids had so much fun! We also celebrated Andrew and Ashley's upcoming birthdays. Andrew has a new game system (I'm totally out of date on this, but it's supposedly really cool) and we gave him a gift certificate to buy some games for it. Ashley is into Care Bears and we got her this really cool one that plays a game like 20 questions. Really cool.


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...


I'd love to learn!


Carole said...

Yeah! Chess?!?!
I'm impressed!
We, too, had a wonderful Easter weekend! Worship service at HO was REALLY great! We had a picnic in Sandra and Ralph's backyard. The twins were precious and really loved the Easter eggs. Only they, and Hannah and Ashley hunted eggs, (72 eggs!), We missed MY kids, but were happy they were having a good time, too, just elsewhere.
Wow. Brooke doing yardwork and playing chess! I hope I brought the right baby home 26 years ago!

Blake Perkins said...

Sounds like a grand time. I wish I was there with you guys instead of getting backaches on the floor. Brooke, I too, play chess. Let's get together so we can play a real person's game.

Katie said...

sounds like an awesome weekend! Our dad taught sarah and me to play chess when we were kids. I didn't know much strategy, but I loved to make the pieces move around! Have fun!

Michael Potthoff said...

Hey Brooke,
I am glad to hear about your easter. I am sorry to communicate something to Mike through you but I had to share this with him. He knows of my dream to one day plant a church from scratch in a major city that has a great need for Jesus. Check out my post for today. I included a quote from a book that really is shaping my heart and my dream. Thanks Brooke!