Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm a reader, not much of a writer

I enjoy reading blogs, but I really don't enjoy updating this thing. I thought I would. It was suppose to be a great place to record the happenings of my first year in marriage. Maybe I will see it like that one day.

I'm trying to be healthier these days. Soy this and soy that. Organic this and organic that. If it has anything hydrogenated...adios! I know that genetically, I will not have the best heart or cholesterol levels. Heart disease is the number 1 killer and I want to live. Michael, in his words, is THRILLED that I'm doing this. I think he might write a letter to Oprah since she put the doctors on her show that convinced me.

I may be going to Mexico next month for a mission trip with the church. I did this two years before, and it was a wonderful experience. Michael is trying to take off work so that he can go as well.

Michael and I helped move the bride's things into her new hubby's house. It is so interesting to meet new people (her parents). The entire day was fun (as fun as it can be when you're moving someone) and it stimulated good conversation between Michael and me.

Saturday night, Michael and I went to see a musical about Hank Williams. Aside from the language (how could you avoid it when it's about Hank), it was FANTASTIC! Michael had won the tickets from work. I am amazed at how a particular guy sang. I plan on google-ing his name, Mississippi Charles Bevel, soon.

I have just a few days of teaching left. It still hasn't hit me. But when it does, I'll be a happy chic-a-dee.

If there are a lot of words that are spelled incorrectly, I apologize. The spell checker is off and I'm too tired to proof. You understand, right?


Kaitlin Nelson said...

That would be amazing if you came on the mission trip!! Remember last time when you wore the same thing every day!! And the rooster!!

Carole said...

Well, I am thrilled you're eating healthfully, as well! I recorded that Oprah show and told Tim I wanted him to watch it. How can people eat all that junk? I don't do trans fats, either! And they're in LOTS of things!
What bride? Where did that come from, lol?

Anonymous said...

Oprah is hot