Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Where do I begin? We did a lot in three days! I'm so proud of the youth at Richardson East!
The youth group would occasionally split up and go to different locations. My little car transported teenagers all over the metroplex and we had so much fun! My first stop was to the Boys and Girls Club in Plano. We spent time playing games, reading, making crafts, and watching Veggie Tales with these kiddos. I hope they had fun with us there. Next, I went to the Achievement Center in Garland. This is where people with special needs are taken care of. I spent my day with two girls, Kiesha and Crystal. I remembered Kiesha from 2 years earlier when we were able to go swimming. I think she remembered that special day too. I never found out Kiesha's age, but she graduated high school in 2002. Crytal is 24. I can't imagine if my life were like their lives. Be grateful for the abilities that you have.

Later, we went to Central Dallas Ministries to work with their food pantry. Here, we stocked the shelves with food and took "neighbors" around to load their grocery carts. Falling on hard times occurs to males and females, young and old, and to all races. CDM has people that volunteer on a weekly basis and they are the true saints on this Earth. Also on this day, some teens helped clean out rooms at the church...the transformation was simply amazing. (We got free slurpees at 7-11 too!)
Today, we went to the North Texas Food Bank. Here, we packed boxes with food. Some boxes contained nothing but cereal, and others - nothing but drinks. Most of the boxes we filled with a variety of food. You name it, I packed it! Later in the day, we went to a nursing home in Richardson. We talked with the people there and sang to them. Mrs. Green claimed to be 106! (I'm not so sure!)
All in all, it was a great time to serve and have fun. These kids are great and know how to act everywhere they go. They must have some great parents!


Tim Perkins said...

God bless you and your kids!

Kaitlin Nelson said...

It was a fun week! I'm glad you could work with us!!