Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Prayers for Stuart

My friend, Tricia, has a nephew that was born this summer. He had some issues with the function of his lungs. (He wasn't accepting oxygen.) Tricia's sister and brother-in-law live in Puerto Rico and serve with the Coast Guard. Click HERE to see a video about how awesome the Air Force was when the this scare happened.

Here is an update on Stuart:
This is the Air Force TV spot that is currently airing on the Pentagon Channel. It was first shot in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 7/21/06, when the Air Force Team came to take my nephew, Stuart, to San Antonio. They did the follow-up interview about a week later. The 16-man team from Wilford Hall Medical Center is the only expert ECMO (the heart/lung machine Stuart was on) team that can transport critically ill infants and children anywhere in the world.
Stuart is doing MUCH better now and I'm going back down to San Antonio this weekend! Thanks for all of your prayers. God is good.

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Tim Perkins said...

That is so cool. I respect all members of our military, but especially those who could be making more money in the civilian world with their talents.

We will pray for Stu.