Monday, July 14, 2008

Lori's Baby Shower!

My college roommate for four years, Lori, had a baby shower on Sunday. She is expecting her second daughter, Sophia, in just a few short weeks.

Lori and I were inseparable for most of our collegiate life. We didn't really know each other before rooming. She lived in Austin, and I lived in Dallas. My sister-in-law, Jenny, had a friend at ACU that tried to put another girl and me together. When I finally got around to calling that girl (I was sooooo shy that I couldn't bring myself to call her), she had found a roomie and set me up with her friend, Lori. That was God working, let me tell you!

Lori and I got along so well! We were both education majors, so we tried to have every class together. She made a great study partner! She had a boyfriend freshman year and we had him always have someone for me when they went out on dates because we didn't want to be apart. Horrible, I know! I bet he hated me! We used to joke about how we needed to find boy versions of each other to marry. Funny, I'm nothing like her husband and Michael is not like her!

Michael, Audrey, and I made the trek to Abilene and back on Sunday. You're probably feeling bad for Michael, but he had a lot of studying to do and he got the time to do that. He sat in the back with Audrey on the way there. Audrey did great! She had very few tears and mostly smiles. This was Audrey's first trip. If you had told me 2 or 3 months ago that I'd be able to make this trip with Audrey staying happy, I would have laughed in your face. Audrey has really made a turn around lately. I have to credit Gerber Puffs, toys, peek-a-boo with a burp towel, and baby food for keeping Audrey happy. She slept 30 minutes on the way there and about an hour on the way back.

What made my Sunday was seeing my beautiful friend all round and precious and Audrey doing so much better than what I was expecting! Thank you Lord!


Lynn Leaming said...

Glad you were able to share such a sweet time with your friend and that you had a safe trip!

Lori said...

Well I already left a comment about how incredibly happy and surprised I was to see you, but I am so glad Audrey did so well. It wouldn't have been as exciting if you had a screaming baby all the way here and back, so I am glad that worked out. I love you tons tons tons!!!! Thanks again for being the bestest friend ever!!!!

Shannon said...

Bummer that I couldn't make it! Brad was out of town, so there is no way that I would've made the trip by myself with both girls. Now I wish I had though:(

No fun to talk about Lori's round belly, but not post any pictures!!!

Hooray for sweetie pie Audrey!! The drive to Temple is less than to Abilene...I'm just sayin':)