Monday, May 31, 2010

Pictures of Life Lately

This is are only family picture so far. We're gonna have to change that soon! Dad took this on Mother's Day. We went to church with my parents and I got flowers for having the youngest baby. Julia was 5 weeks old then.

Isn't he a good daddy!?

Audrey is really enjoying having Julia around. She asks about her right when she wakes up in the morning.

Audrey has been checking out Julia's stuff and stating that she's "too big."
Too big for the car seat.

Too big for the onesie.

Here are some random pictures of Julia.

She's got the super-model pout down.

And here are some random pictures of Audrey.

Here she is with her friend Anna Lee. Anna Lee is moving, sadly. But isn't this cute?

Last Monday, I thought it was Memorial Day and got Michael to take off work! Oops! We went to the Indoor Safari Park in Southlake. Lame-O! Don't waste your 10 bucks. We did get some pictures of Audrey enjoying some things.

Train ride.


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