Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Julia's 3rd Birthday!

Julia's birthday fell on Easter this year.  This was a blessing because all of her Hall-side cousins would be in town for Leadership Training for Christ.  Blake's girls, Maddie and Macie, could also make it this year because Blake was battling a kidney stone and they did not travel out of town for Easter.  So, lots of family this year!  By the way, Julia fell a few days before this and her face crashed into the edge of a door.  I think the images have been edited a bit to reduce the bruising!

We ended the party with a couple who walked up to the house and wanted to see inside.  I guess they thought we were having an open house!  They took a tour and met all of my family while the party was going on!  Too funny!

The theme was Hoppy Birthday, combining the celebration with Easter.  Had yummy vegan cupcakes from Spiral Diner.

Mimi and Audrey.

My beautiful Nana at age 94.
The birthday girl with Poppy.

 Opening presents.  Audrey has my phone in case we got a call for a showing of the house.

Just look at how gorgeous Meredith's profile is here!

That's excitement there!

 We should have called this a My Little Pony party because nearly every gift was a My Little Pony!

The tough task of blowing out THREE candles!
A picture of the man that passed a kidney stone during the party.

A picture of a woman about ready to give birth!

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laura jo said...

I love your preggo belly!! You are adorable and I miss you. :)