Thursday, March 20, 2014

Return of 5 Question Friday

Doing this real quick because I have a sick kid that needs me every 20 minutes or so. Hope it isn't food poisoning!

1. If I had 5 minutes alone with Mother Nature I would tell her?

Thank you for the nice weather today as I had to clean up my child in two different parking lots after she got sick. Thank you that I could clean my car in warmth and sunshine!  But please, have this weather return when we can play in it!

2. If you could eat only one thing for a whole week what would it be?

Sweet potato. 

3. What is your favorite season and why?

Used to be fall when kids weren't in school. Perfect food and weather. But now that I have a student, summer wins despite that I feel like I'm trapped inside of an oven. 

4. Do you have a meal that you are AMAZING at making? If so, share the recipe!

My 6yo is LOVING acorn squash right now. There are three recipes I use. Choose the one you would like to try.

I can't find the other one. Just halve the squash, remove seeds, place cut-side down, roast at 345 for about 30 minutes, flip, add butter and syrup or brown sugar, and put back in oven until flesh is very tender. (Going from memory here.)

5. What has changed in your life since the last 5QF? (8/2/13 was the last one! Wow...over 6 months!)

Oh man! We moved to a new town. My Audrey started school. Julia potty-trained. Nadia sits ups, eats, and is thinking about crawling. We found a very soul-stirring church. Michael and I are even closer than before. We have made really good new friends since moving. It's all good!  God is good. 

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