Saturday, May 02, 2015

Making A Way

  During the past couple of years, my favorite Bible story has been God parting the Red Sea.  Here's why.  The Israelites were out of options.  Their situation was impossible.  There was nothing they could do.
  I don't know why people have such short memories.  It seems like it would be easy for the Israelites to remember God's faithfulness.  They had seen the plagues.  They had seen their sons spared and passed over.  They had been delivered from the Egyptians.  They were following a pillar of smoke during the day and a pillar of fire at night.
  It is easy for us to forget God's faithfulness to us in times of desperation.  Satan puts thoughts into our head that are lies and that are toxic.  We begin to believe that God isn't sovereign in all things.  We must take captive of our thoughts and rid ourselves of the lies.  We need to trust God to do miracles in our lives.  We may miss the miracle of our troubles being pushed to the sides so that we may enter freedom.
  My impossible situation was having a third child without having my autoimmune disease come back.  The percentage of reoccurrence I was given at the time was 96%.  It would also come on more quickly in the pregnancy.  I had blood work done by a doctor who considers himself a top expert of the disease.  He guaranteed I would get it back if I got pregnant anytime soon.  I was pregnant with Nadia a few months later and, praise God, I was free from my disease.  God had made a way for me.  I had to lean on His faithfulness when a way was created (low dose naltrexone) and trust that He is sovereign.  I believe that there is power in sharing your testimony and this is mine.
  What is your impossible situation?  Where are you out of options?  Is your hope beginning to slip away?  Please remember how God has been faithful to you in the past and hold on tight to that memory.  Remember that He is sovereign in ALL things.  Prepare yourself to take action when God makes a way.
  I love the song "Make a Way" by Desperation Band.  In it, they sing about God making a way for us to be saved by offering Jesus as the sacrifice.  But in every trial, our hope should be in Jesus.  My favorite lines are: Where there is no way You make a way.  Where no one can reach us, You find us.
God seeks us out, even when we have closed out the world around us.  My prayer is that in our most desperate times, we will step into the gracious way of freedom that is provided by God.  Allow the miraculous to happen.

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