Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mmmm...Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are not only delicious, they are so good for you!  Did you know that the sweet potato can be considered a super food?  According to Dr. Greger, sweet potatoes are a huge nutritional bang for your buck.  Sweet potatoes are the highest nutrient-rich food per dollar.

Eighty percent of the protein found in the sweet potato is a unique protein that may have anti-cancer effects.  Read more about the cancer-fighting effects here.

As a busy mom who never really knows when her husband will be home for dinner, the sweet potato has long been in my weekly rotation.  How come?  I let the slow cooker do my cooking!  All moms know that the dinner-prep hour is the witching hour.  Kids are hangry, homework is getting worked on, the baby is crying and needs to be in bed already, and us, moms, are just trying to put food on the table.  But, hallelujah, once a week, my dinner prep has been made easier because of the mighty sweet potato!

The slow cooker does this amazing thing while it cooks the sweet potatoes.  The potato's flesh becomes so rich and creamy.  The flavor is sweeter and more intense.  If you are cooking the typical sweet potato, the orange flesh will be a brilliant orange.  I also like Hannah sweet potatoes in the crock pot.  If you put a bit of brown sugar on it, it has the familiar taste of a sugar cookie.  But you by no means have to add sugar to these babies.  They are so good, my second grader has declared them her favorite vegetable.

To achieve this sweet goodness, simply wash off your sweet potatoes and place in the slow cooker.  No need to pierce with a fork or wrap in foil.  Cover and cook on high for 4 hours.  I love that there is a warming feature to keep them ready for you until your husband comes home.  This style of cooking makes the skin soft, so if you are wanting the crispy outsides, this will not do that for you. 

To finish them off, I simply cut them open and butter them up (I like Earth Balance's Coconut Spread) and sprinkle some cinnamon on them.  I've recently stopped adding sugar, but a bit of brown sugar is yummy too.  

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