Thursday, October 12, 2006

I've Got A Headache THIS BIG!

So recently, I have been getting the strangest headaches. It started about two weeks ago when I had a horrible pain where your neck and the back of your head come together. It would hurt so bad whenever I took a breath, which is pretty often. I went through my day at school, but it did make me stay home for a hockey game. I later got sick with that sinus thing. While I was taking the medicine to get rid of my sinus infection, I would get your typical headache. It is so hard to be patient with loud 8th graders when you hurt just existing. But, I'm off of my medicine now, but today, I get another strange headache! This one is pain right at my eyeballs! It hurts to open my eyes. I feel okay when they're closed, but opening them kills! I do not see how people with migraines manage. God bless them. If you know anything about health and these headaches are cluing you in on something, please let me know!

Lori had her baby girl, Faith, on Tuesday. Mom and baby are healthy. She was nearly an 8 pounder. They should come home today. She reports that the baby looks like Stacy. I'll have verify soon!


Blake Perkins said...

There is this rub-on roller headache thing that is at Walgreen's that was tested by Fox4 that is supposed to work. Also, take Equate's version of their headache stuff.

Hope you feel better!

Brooke said...

Thanks, Blake. I've always wondered about that roller thing. No headaches today!

Elisa said...

It actually sounds like you are describing migraine headaches. My mom gets them, and she says they always start behind her eyes or in her neck. Sensitivity to light is another symptom. The good thing is that I think there are some effective medicines for that. Talk to your doctor, young lady!

Congratulations to Lori!