Monday, October 02, 2006

Dallas Stars!!

I am still at home with laryngitis today, but that didn't stop me from being an observer in a hockey game Saturday! (It is very weird to be silent at a game!) Michael and I have been given this voucher for two free tickets worth $35 or less. The beauty is that we decided to go kinda at the last minute, so we arrived at the game late. We only had to pay $1 for parking and I thought we had struck gold. Little did I know, I was just now stepping into the pot at the end of the rainbow. Because we were late, all of the $35 and cheaper seats were gone. They gave us tickets 6 rows behind the net!!!! My smile widened with each step I took, getting closer to the rink. Here are some of the many pictures I took. (I love always having my camera on me!)

The Stars were down most of the game. Then, with little time left in the third period, the Stars tied it up at 3. Could this be my first time to witness a shootout?!?!? Last year, the NHL implemented a shootout after 5 minutes of sudden death overtime hockey. The Stars were the best in the league at this thing, but I never got to witness it in person. Michael witnessed one when he went with his company. So, I just know that this will be the night. Things are falling into place beautifully!!!

Overtime begins. The Lightning are peppering Turco with shots. (This is the end where I'm sitting, and it is nerve-racking!) But, the Stars survive the penalty kill and we go onto a powerplay at the end of the overtime. I'm watching the clock. I'm getting pretty excited with seven seconds left!!! Then, with 1 second remaining, the Stars scored! WE WON! But....that means no shootout! I had disappointment attached to an OT win. Oh well. That may have been my best chance to see such a sight so close.

What a night! I loved every second of it! Too bad I didn't get to cheer the way I wanted. Here are some things I noticed:
1) Eric Lindros is one BIG MAN.
2) Brendan Morrow will be captain this year. Interesting.
3) I couldn't keep track on who will be on what line during this game. I wonder if they were just trying a bunch of different combos before the regular season.
4) Sergei Zubov is just cool.
5) Mike Modano is really fast.
6) Marty Turco worries me some.
7) I have a lot of new players to learn about.
8) Brett Hull is doing something with Razor this year. The two of them can be very funny!

Check out the Stars first regular season game on Wednesday night against Colorado!


Tim Perkins said...

Modano is, what, 37? Wonder how long he will continue to be fast? Does a skater lose speed slower than a runner loses speed?

Blake Perkins said...

I will be at the game Saturday night vs Devils. Yeah!

shannon said...

I won't even try to "talk hockey", so I will just say that is awesome about the seats you got! Did you see any good fights against the glass?

Brooke said...

I think Mike Modano is so fast because he has this jump that catapults him past everyone. I'm glad that he's not just an old slow guy.

Have fun Blake!

There were a few hard hits along the glass, but things were pretty tame since it was a preseason game.

Joel Weckerly said...

more for your list:

#9 Stars suck
#10 Wings take Cup

Brooke said...

I cannot express how stupid it was to have the first game of the season on Versus! Who gets this channel??? We just started getting more channels so I could catch the games on FSW. But please, the first game of the season against such a rival!! I was just looking forward to this day since the summer and now can't catch it on tv because of stupid scheduling!