Saturday, September 30, 2006

Really Productive Weekend, Really Crummy Week

Yep, I've got laryngitis, but let me tell you about my week.

Last Friday, my old co-worker who now stays home with her daughter, Stephanie, came up to the school to give me a voucher for 2 tickets to the Dallas Stars preseason games. I'm pumped! But I do have this really bad headache where my skull meets the back of my neck. I go home to rest and feel better to go to the Stars game that I thought. On the way there, I make Michael pull over to get some Tylenol. We decide to just use the tickets on Wednesday - when they play Colorado (a better game anyways.) So we rent a movie and I go to bed early. (Oh, and a Bowflex we bought from Michael's co-worker is brought to the house!)

We got up early Saturday and I feel much better. We go to a marriage seminar up at church given by Tom and Sandra Milholland. Afterwards, we eat a late lunch with Tim and Stephanie Avance. The weather is beautiful after morning showers. Michael and I do some MAJOR yardwork. Michael is using the chainsaw and I'm ripping out monkey grass and other stuff. I grade two assignments while Michael cleans the house and does the laundry (ain't he a peach??).

Sunday, we go to another really awesome class at church. We discussed what it means to be human. Fasinanting! Really! We make it to lunch with some people afterwards. We go home and get a much-needed nap. We wake up to go to Life Group, but get a call to unload Michael's parent's Uhaul. We go up to Lewisville and unload the last of their Abilene home into storage. We go up to Denton and eat a dinner with Michael's parents and sister's family.

Monday, all things are good - except for that I'm very sore from the Bowflex, yardwork, and moving.

Tuesday, I come home and do more yardwork and workout to ease my muscles. I take an hour nap and wake up with a sore throat.

Wednesday, I must go to work to get my kids prepared for tomorrow's test. I feel really bad by the end of the day and don't get to make that Stars game.

Thursday, I wake up feeling pretty good and know it will be an easy day since it's just a test day. I come home to take a nap before Michael comes home. I wake up w/o much of a voice, but I can still communicate.

Friday, I can speak loud enough for a class can hear me. I know there is a sub shortage, so I don't even attempt calling in sick. Things are going fairly well until I have to yell down the hall to get a principal's attention. There had been an incident right in front of my door that needed attention during the passing period. I have lunch before I teach this class. Things seem to be going alright, but with 20 minutes left in class, my voice disappears. I have an off period to find a teacher to cover my class and get istructions put together. I leave my last class in the hands of another teacher. May God bless him for taking this pretty bad class. Michael takes off work to take me to the doctor. I thought I could handle it since I felt okay, but was thankful for him to be my voice for me. I leave with 4 medications.

Today, I'm all drugged up. I've just slept and used "sign-language" with Michael. He has been super great- until he says something and I can't make him pay for it with a comeback. He loves that I'm so defenseless. We cancelled an evening with the Burrows. Hopefully we can do that next weekend.

Please pray that I can get my voice back and teach next week. I hate leaving my class with someone else!

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Blake Perkins said...

I wish you would have lost your voice when we were growing up together...sorry you are sick. Get plenty of rest!