Thursday, January 11, 2007


Alrighty folks!

24 is BACK!

This is the one show I have to watch.

If you have never seen it, this is the time to start!

The 4 hour premiere is this Sunday and Monday night. I can't see either live, but this is why man created DVR, baby! Instead of watching Multiples (see previous post) at 7, watch it at 9. The show 24 begins at 7 both Sunday and Monday night.

Tis the season for Jack Bauer.


Blake Perkins said...

You are right! This show is absolute greatness. The ONLY show I watch.

Carole said...

We plan to watch tonight to see if this is something we want to get hooked on. There is an article in today's paper drawing a parallel betwenn Jack and Jesus. Hmmmm.

Carole said...

BTW, we subscribed to the National Geographic Channel, too. So, I'll get to see the Multiples show. Tim looked thru the listings and said he was going to love that channel.

TKHurst said...

You've been tagged...head over to my blog to check it out...(when you get a chance)!!

P.S. Tim is in love with this show. We watched it for 4 hours straight on Monday night to catch up.

Miranda said...

We are obsessesed with 24 too!