Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Thoughts

Daylight Savings Time: I'd rather have some sunlight when I wake up instead of 7:00 pm. I tend to go to bed later now and it becomes more difficult for me to wake up. I also have to get ready with the light off in the morning because Michael isn't up yet. The morning sunlight really helped me in this situation.

Movies: Either I'm picking out really bad movies or I'm just getting old or something, but every movie I've watched recently has seemed sooooo long. I just want the movie to end. We saw Amazing Grace a couple of weeks ago. We were the only ones there that didn't have grey hair. The movie was good, but it again, seemed way too long.

Missing Girl Hoax: It sounds like these were good kids that made bad decisions that night. I can't imagine being so scared of what my parents would do to me that I would stage an abduction. How insane!

Wallet: I left my wallet at a pharmacy last night. I didn't realize it until this afternoon. The pharmacy (thankfully!) placed my wallet in the lost and found. I was able to get it back with everything in place. It is so nice to see people behave honestly and save the day for me!

24: This week's episode was the best in awhile. I have felt that this season has been too predictable to the avid 24 watchers. Monday's episode had so many surprises that it has me itching to see the next show!

Mavs/Stars: I've got to find some time to catch these guys more often! It will be fun to watch them in the playoffs!

So there are my thoughts! School has me very busy. One month is left before TAKS. I just might enjoy teaching after April 20.

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Blake Perkins said...

I am the same way about waking up and it is completely dark. My schedule has been messed up big time.

It really changes things when you have babies and kids.