Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

It is done! We have our Christmas tree up and all of the Christmas decorations out! I really wanted to get that done before it was physically impossible for me and before Audrey arrived. I was able to do the decorations on my own a few days ago, but I really needed help with the tree. I think John Siburt laying a thick layer of guilt on Michael finally got the ball rolling. We spent this afternoon putting it up.

Now, this tree looks nothing like the tree in the picture above. We have my parents old tree that they bought their first year of marriage. I think that makes the tree 35 years old. A testament to my parents' marriage, but not to the sturdiness of this tree. It is so bare. It loses more and more needles/branches each year. It leans. It must be covered by those silver "icicles" that get so annoying to pick up. It is SOOOO difficult to put up. It is, though, the only tree I've ever had.

As Michael was helping me today, I think I convinced him that we need a new tree. He discovered that there are pre-lit trees that can just fold up to be put away. They are much sturdier and do not require the silver icicles. I told him that they have made major advances in Christmas trees in the last 30 years. He thought that was funny for some reason. At least we aren't putting up an aluminum Christmas tree like my grandmother does each year. That tree has to be worth a lot these days since it is so old.

I hope that you have success as you put up your tree. Enjoy the Christmas music and the cooler weather!


Shannon said...

I still can't believe Thanksgiving is already over and it's time for Christmas! It's really thrown me off having a December baby and Thanksgiving being a week early this year.

I was wondering if that was your tree in the picture because I'd be super impressed you already have all that shopping done...and wrapped!!!

Not much longer till Audrey gets here!!!

Anonymous said...

We finally gave in a bought a pre-lit tree last year...and I can't believe just how much easier it makes everything! It is definately worth it! My mom is still using my grandmother's aluminum tree too! How funny! It is going to be such a fun Christmas this year for you guys! I can't wait to read all about Audrey when she comes! Merry Clark

aunt carolyn said...

I bought a slimline prelit tree last night and put it up by myself! I think Drew will be pleased and relieved when he gets in from Saudi Arabia Friday night. I should have sold the one I had with the house. It takes up half our garage!