Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Top Ten Things I'm Thankful For:
  1. A Merciful Lord
  2. My Adoring Husband
  3. Baby Audrey
  4. The Best Two Christian Families
  5. An Amazing, Compassionate Church
  6. Fantastic Friends
  7. Health
  8. Understanding Boss and Coworkers
  9. Foot and Back Rubs
  10. Only 3 1/2 More Weeks of this Pregnancy!!
My old college roommate, Shannon, at her baby shower. We're due days apart!

Mom and me at my family shower.

Michael and his Mom at my family shower.

My family shower hostesses.
Cousins Judy, Jana, Hannah, Aunt Sasa, and Cousin Jill

Hostesses of my church shower. WOW!
Shirley, Brenda, Susan, Donna, Jill, Sarah, Teresia, Abbe, and Kelly.
Apologies to Kelcie for not having her in the picture.

Boy, what a blessing!

I'm working on those thank you notes!!

Hopefully I will be able to continue blogging now that my showers, my friends' showers, and weddings are all done with. Wait...there are the holidays and Christmas parties that I plan on attending before Audrey gets here! Only 8 more school days to teach and only 24 days until Audrey arrives!!!

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