Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The holidays were busy! We had family on both sides in town. It was fun getting together, but I realized just how hard it is to walk out the door on time with a newborn. We were able to make it to Audrey's first doctor appointment on time, thank goodness.

Niece Kaley and nephew Matthew in Matthew's biggest XMas present.

Jenny getting some sweet girl time.

The 2 pictures below are how Michael and I spend a lot of our days. This is the best way to catch up on sleep!

This is our deep thinker. She often has this pensive look on her face. Notice her hands - she tries to do this a lot! She finally got all of her fingers in the right spot.


Kristi said...

Toooo Cute!! She gets prettier with each picture :)

Lori said...

Stacy and I also spent a lot of time like those pics of you sleeping and holding Audrey. The last pic is sooo cute. I can't believe she does that with her hands... how funny! Happy new year!!

Lynn Leaming said...

Glad that ya'll had a good Christmas and hope Audrey's first doctor's visit went well. The pictures of you both sleeping with her on your chest are just too sweet!

laura jo said...

i loved seeing you guys yesterday. audrey is perfect!

Shannon said...

Those are the classic "first weeks home from the hospital" it!

Audrey is beautiful Brooke. I love that you already have her in pretty bows!

Heather said...

The hand picture is too cute...of course, they are all great! Glad things are going well!

Catherine said...

You're baby is beautiful!! Thank you so much for her arrival notice!! I loved it!! And thank you so much for your screams of excitement about my engagement! I'm so excited as well! I can't believe it finally happened!!
Love you kids!!!!!