Monday, January 21, 2008

What a Weekend!

Friday, I was able to take Audrey back to work to show off to all of my old colleagues while they had a PTA luncheon. The night before, Audrey received the ADORABLE outfit seen below. It also came with a cute white blouse and a pink toboggan with a blue flower. Her head has to grow quite a bit to wear the toboggan. Everyone loved her at school! She was wide-eyed and alert nearly the entire time. I enjoyed getting to see everyone.

Friday night, Michael and I wanted to try a restaurant outside of Addison for a change. We headed north and chose to eat at P F Chang's. We waited over an hour to be seated, but it gave us a chance to catch up with each other while we waited. During this time, Michael stressed how important it was that he studied that night and all of Saturday. We split a delicious meal and headed home after 10 o'clock to hit the sack - no studying was done.

As I get up to feed Audrey Friday night/Saturday Morning, I realize I don't feel good at all. Afraid that I might have food poisoning, I ask Michael how he feels since we ate the same meal. He feels fine. Phew! Not food poisoning! I woke up Saturday morning vomiting and with a fever. The fever did not go away. Both of our parents are out of town this weekend. Michael became Mr. Mom and not a word was studied. Poor guy. I felt horrible about this. Turns out that we'll just pay a fine and he'll take his test next month in conjunction with another.

BTW, I feel MUCH better now. :)

BTW, Meredith, have no worries, I knew you were kidding. I also knew I needed to post more pictures. :)


Lori said...

SO CUTE!!! Where is that ourfit from??? It is adorable. I am sorry you got sick. It is so hard being sick with a little one. Glad you are better!!

Kaitlin said...

I guess you aren't in the "in" crowd. Just Kidding. It's not like you are missing much. I don't update often. There isn't too much going on. I don't have a baby or anything. But I sure do enjoy reading yours. That outfit is cute. Audrey is cute. You are cute. :)

aunt carolyn said...

precious pictures of that baby girl!

The Powell Family said...

Phew!! I was getting worried! I'm sorry you were sick. Ugh. I think that is the most impossible thing, being sick while being a mom. You feel like you still need to take care of your kiddos, but recover at the same time. Hang in there Michael! We were in San Antonio this last week and attempted to eat at P.F.'s. Notice the word attempted? That restaurant should definitely be left up to "date" night, a.k.a. without kids. Ha, ha, ha! I'm sure they loved the mess we left behind and the snot wiped all over the booth. Ha, ha, ha!! The Joys of Parenthood. Ha!

Shannon said...

What a cute outfit! I love babies in jeans!

It was good to talk to you last night also. I've been meaning to call for a while, but didn't want to call too soon. It sounds like you are adjusting fabulously to motherhood! I knew you would!