Friday, May 30, 2008

Learning to be Thankful

Last night, we had Jill and Landon over to watch the LOST finale. I must begin by saying that it was a great show! But the names, oh the names! Sawyer is James, Kate is Monica, Freckles, and about half a dozen other names, Henry is Ben, and now John is JEREMY! Whoa. To read the significance of this latest name, go to Micheal's blog.

Any time we have company over, I become very thankful for our wedding gifts. Thanks for the china, dishes, silverware, glasses, crockpot, and linens! How could we have people over if you guys had not been so kind to us?! I'm also thankful for the dishwasher that can so easily clean all of those dishes!

I also have been reminded recently on how blessed we are to have Audrey. Just this week, God has shown me people that have gone through the following:
  • Unable to conceive.
  • Miscarrying early (over and over again).
  • Miscarrying late.
  • Delivering early.
  • NICU
  • Losing the child shortly after giving life to the child.
  • Raising a child with severe problems.

I don't know why these things happen. I don't know why I was spared from these things. I know God loves each of us tremendously. We'll understand it all by and by. What I do know is that the child I saw yesterday that is living with severe problems is a unique child of God and a precious angel. I prayed for the young boy when he was born and it was a blessing for me to see him interact with Audrey. Two precious children.

Sometimes I get a little down when dealing with Audrey, my collicky (which has passed - whew!), allergic, and dificult tempered child. I know how easy-going some babies are and long for Audrey to be that way. I long to eat things that have milk and soy in them, like ice cream - yum! But I must remember that Audrey is perfect the way she is and I wouldn't have her any other way. I'm thankful that my dairy and soy free diet has kept most sweets away and makes it easier to lose the baby weight. And those smiles from Audrey mean even more!


Carole said...

It's funny I should read this on your blog this morning. I stayed up til 5AM, reading the blog of an amazing Christian couple in Nashville, who had lost their baby. She had to carry her for almost three months, knowing that unless the Lord intervened with a miracle, the baby would not live very long at all. This lady has such a strong faith and such a gift of writing, I was not able to leave her blog til I'd read it from its beginning. I sat here, crying my eyes out, praising God for our healthy babies. I plan to keep up with her blog; she is such an inspiration. She has been a Christian for only 7 years and I've never seen greater faith. She is married to a gospel singer, who sings with a group called SELAH, in Nashville. If you ever want a great read and can take it, I'll direct you to her blog.
Audrey is so so sweet! It's such a blessing that she's over the colic and is so happy now. I think she has an "all-knowing" look in her eyes. :)

the brock clan said...

I totally understand getting down and frustrated with your children...sometimes it seems like it will never end, but it always does! I am so glad the colic is over...that can be miserable! You seem like you are doing such a good job with her!

Lone Starr State of Mind said...

Wow, Brooke, what great perspective.