Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why I Dislike Timer Warner Cable This Week

I've always had bad feelings towards TWC.

The two redeeming qualities it has are these: 1) stays on during storms...cable totally beats satellite when it comes to this 2) We're able to afford a sports package that includes the VS channel. It proved invaluable during the playoffs. We couldn't afford to have VS when we had satellite.

Now, some pretty aggravating things have been occurring since Monday this week. Most channels have a pause or a mini-blackout every 30 seconds or so. You completely miss a portion of a news story, an interview, or a play in a win or go home hockey game. Also, they have completely blacked-out several channels at a time while trying to repair them.

Last night, we went to a going away party for one of Michael's coworkers. As usual, the DVR was set to record American Idol. This morning, I turn on the tv to see how this FINALE went last night. I get 62 minutes of an infomercial on chronic pain followed by QVC. Thanks, TWC.

I'll have to watch all of the singing on youtube.


Kelly Litton said...

We too are NOT fans of TWC...we had awful internet we switched to At&t U-verse. We have internet and digital tv through them, but no home phone. I LOVE it!!! And it is cheaper! You can record lots of shows at one time, and you don't have to be watching them to record them. You can even schedule to record a show from your email....away from the house. We have been so happy we switched!

Shannon said...

I am so not in the loop of all the digital stuff...but, my sister just switched to the U-verse thing too. They were in CA at the Leno taping and called into their DVR at home to record the show. Crazy!

Brooke said...

We've looked into U-Verse before, but I don't think it's in our area right now. And it's not like we live in the middle of no where.

Lynn Leaming said...

We don't really have any problems with are TWC, but I have never liked that I can't record one program while watching another. I usually just do that on the other T.V. in the bedroom. We don't have DVR, but the U-verse sounds interesting. I mentioned it to Steve as he had not heard of it. Love the advances in technology!

Kaitlin said...

come watch the finale at my house. lol. we have it TiVoed but the last couple minutes where he's singing is cut off. We didn't have it set enough extra time. grr.