Saturday, August 16, 2008

8 Months Old

Today marks 8 months with this little munchkin. It has been so fun watching her develop a personality!
Audrey has decided that she no longer wants a pacifier! One day she wouldn't take one and hasn't looked back since. I need to find all of them and hide them so that she doesn't find a random pacifier one day and pick up on her old habit.
I'm pretty sure that the no pacifier has hurt Audrey's sleeping. There's no telling what to expect from her when it comes to sleeping. I really miss just plopping a paci back into her mouth to settle her. We'll be through with this one day.
Also, she is all over the map when it comes to how well she eats. There have been several times she has gone to bed with just a bite of food for dinner and her other meals weren't great either. The past couple of days have been a completely different story. I had to go to the pantry 3 times to get her more food last night. It has continued into today. I guess she knows when she needs more food.
Audrey is also repeating the sound "ba." She cold totally join the Beach Boys and sing Barbara Ann with them.


Blake Perkins said...

Maybe she is going through a growth spurt. I know Maddie and Macie would always eat more during that time. I love the picture of her.

Lori said...

She is so cute!!! Like I told Shannon, I can't believe how old she is getting. We need to pick a date and all get together before they hit the big 1 yr. I was with Meredith yesterday and I know she wants to see Audrey before long!!!