Saturday, August 16, 2008

Catching Up

It has been a long time since I blogged about life. This post will mainly be about Audrey. Today is Audrey's 8 month birthday, so I will snap some pictures when she wakes up from her nap and post again.

Below is a picture of Audrey and her new friend, Levi. Levi's momma was a great friend of mine in high school. This friend, Jennifer, is so brave. Her husband is on his second deployment to Iraq. It will be over a year before she and Levi will see him again. Can you imagine? Take a moment to say a prayer for all of our soldiers. Levi is two weeks younger than Audrey and is all smiles. He even cuddled with me! That's huge to me because Audrey is an anti-cuddler.

The next two pictures are of Audrey eating breakfast in the mornings. Her hair and messy mouth always make me want to snap some pictures. What am I going to do with this kid's hair?

Like mother, like daughter. Audrey is watching the Olympics. She's a big fan of Nastia and Phelps. She's likes to kick back a lot these days. BTW, anyone else dealing with Olympic fatigue?
This video below makes me laugh. I honestly don't know if you'll find it funny or not. It's the very end that gets me. It leaves the viewer guessing. No babies were harmed in the making of this film.


Heather said...

I think Audrey is just adorable!! I can't wait for Kenna and Audrey to have play dates....

Shannon said...

Oh, Brooke, it's just the beginning! I have SO many of those kind of videos of Mallory. It just gets worse!! I'm thinking she didn't fall off the bed, but her face was priceless!

That hair cracks me up. She is getting so big!

I am having a hard time staying awake for the Olympics. We don't have a DVR anymore, so I've either got to stay up to watch them, or catch the winners online the next morning. It's a difficult choice!

Lynn Leaming said...

I assume because we don't hear any crying that she did not fall off the bed??? Looks like she was having fun until then. She is growing up sooooo fast!

Brooke said...

I was able to catch her before she rolled off. She is growing so fast!

Michelle said...

Just wait until you have a boy...Caleb does that off of something about once a day. his favorite is off his sister's bed.

And yes...I am having major Olympic sleepiness. CJ and I cannot turn it off and when we do we look at the clock and are just amazed at how late it is!!! CRAZY...but so fun.