Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9 Months Old

Audrey has done some major things in the past month!

She got first two teeth right after turning 8 months. I think she working on a third one now. She hasn't been too happy today as a result. The breastfeeding has been alright since the teeth came in. She has bitten me a few times, but nothing too bad. I know how bad it could be. Today, while putting orajel on her gums, she bit down HARD! OUCH!

She also pulls up. This results in a lot of grabbing things she shouldn't and tumbles. She has had a few bumps and bruises this month.

She also will crawl on her knees every once and awhile instead of army crawling.

Audrey also knows how to wave. When I ask her to wave hello or hi, nothing happens. When I ask her to wave bye bye, she sometimes waves and say, "Bah bah!" So, I am considering this her first words.

She also has begun to initiate her own game of Peek-a-boo. She will hold a toy over her eyes and bring it down really fast over and over. When I say peek-a-boo, she sometimes make noises that may sound like those words.

Michael has begun to do this very annoying game with her. They will stand in front of me (doesn't matter if I'm sleeping, reading, eating or whatever) and begin yelling in unison. They will do this a long time. Fifteen minutes at least. It is totally ridiculous. I'm so afraid this game will show up at church.

I love how interactive she is. I like that she will come find me when I leave a room. I also like that she understands that I'll be right back if I leave the room and not melt down. That's important when you pull dinner out of a hot oven!

Below is a video of her craziness. Of course, there is no performing for the camera. Thursday, I'll get her stats after her doctor visit.

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Shannon said...

I promise I'm not copying you when I do my post about Morgan! They are doing so much of the same things, how fun!!

Look at those snazzy floors! They are so pretty in the video!