Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dr. Visit

27 1/2" long. That puts her at a steady 50%.
16# 4oz. This feather-weight comes in at 10%.

So her weight dropped. I was concerned until my doc said that this was very typical in breastfed babies. He told me that I didn't need to change anything that I'm doing. Whew!

Also, I received some verey exciting news! Ever since Audrey was 2 months, I've been off of dairy because she has a milk (and soy) allergy and what I eat, she eats. Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Audrey has outgrown the milk allergy!!

Some of you have said some things about how quickly I lost my baby weight. If you don't eat food, you lose weight! Of course I was eating, but definitely not what I wanted. The next time you see me, I will most likely be twenty pounds heavier! Bring on the ice cream, pizza, lasagna, fetticini alfredo, chocolate milk, cheese enchiladas, quesadillas, cereal, oreos and milk, cheeseburgers, nachos, pudding, coffee with cream, mashed potatoes and everything else that I miss soooooooo much!!! I will eat healthier things, but I miss these the most! And yes, I'm thrilled that Audrey will be able to eat mac and cheese, milk, and yogurt!


Lynn Leaming said...

What a sweet mom you are! I am not sure if I could not have cheese and all those things you listed that I would have kept breastfeeding. Would have just went to soy or something and kept enjoying. See I'm much more selfish than you! Glad her allergies have gone. Steve is 56 and still allergic to cheese, guess there is no hope there?

Heather said...

What a cute grin!

I would be DYING if I could not have milk/cheese. I had to stop for about three weeks with Miss K but she grew out of it really quickly. Congratulations!! Are you going to Olive Garden for dinner?

Shannon said...

Wow. You listed some of my favorite foods. How did you do it?? I'm with Lynn, I would have given up on breastfeeding a long time ago!!!