Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random Blog Question

For those of you that actually visit my page instead of Google Reader'ing it (I like that new word, ha!), do you know how long my pink and brown background has been missing? Has it been a long time? If it's just been for a little bit, it may be a fluke. I might be able to fix it if it has been a long-time issue. Thanks!


Brooke said...

Nevermind...it's a fluke! I see it...I'm not losing my mind. Although, if you ask Michael, he might disagree. ;)

Stormy said...

Since you figured it out.... I was going to say that I hadn't noticed it missing, until tonight.

Kaitlin said...

I don't see it. And I don't remember it being there. But I read your blog on the actual page. So I don't know. Maybe it's been like that for a while?