Thursday, January 29, 2009

What I Bought Today

I bought sponge rollers for my little girl!  She didn't give me a single problem putting them in.  I can't wait to do her hair for real with them.  Audrey did get a little upset when she was playing and felt one of them.  Hopefully, she'll get used to them just like her bands and bows.  She just might have better tamed hair the next time you see her.


Heather said...

How fun! We used to sleep in sponge rollers every Saturday night

Shannon said...

I can't wait to see her hair!! I totally had a flashback to 1985. There is a picture of me and Kelly with sponge rollers in every strand of our hair. We have the cheesiest smiles!!

Carole said...

I'm anxious to know how this turned out. You were so accustomed to sleeping in rollers when you were little that you cried if I tried to put you to bed without them!