Monday, January 18, 2010

My Audrey!

So Audrey turned 2 last month. I decided that I need to write some things down about my little squirt before I forget about this time in her life. I remember how awful my brain worked as a fresh new mom and I know that Baby Julia will bring on another case of new-mommy-brain soon. So onto my little bit!

  • She is SO silly! She loves to walk around making funny noises and making funny faces. She thinks it's terribly funny to try to lick you. Nice, huh?
  • She can count to 13.
  • She loves her Ma, Poppy, Mimi, and Pappa. She sings songs about them.
  • She's a motormouth, but you probably won't witness that since she tends to be quiet around other people.
  • She would eat Mac N Cheese over anything right now. Last week, it was oranges. 2 Weeks ago, it was bananas. Blueberries before that.
  • She went to her first Dallas Stars game and fell asleep! She did cheer for awhile, yelling, "Go Stars!" Really cute.
  • She loves hats!
  • She's a fashionista. She chooses what she wears...up to bow color and down to the type of shoes.
  • She is addicted to Curious George. We don't watch anything else.
  • Her favorite song is either the Wheels on the Bus or Jesus Loves the Little Children.
  • Her sleeping habits are dependent on how often she sees Michael. If he's working a lot, we struggle with sleep. If he's around, a sleep schedule is easily kept. She tends to sleep 2-3 hours for naps. (We try to start the nap at noon.) She usually sleeps from 8pm-7:30am. That bedtime seems to be too early these days.
  • Her daddy is her world!
  • She's still in a crib, but has a big girl bed waiting for her. She loves to play on it, but isn't ready for the transition yet.
  • She's still in diapers and I don't really see potty training happening in the near future. She might surprise me though!
  • She's had several hair cuts in her life already. I cut her hair last week and got a little scissor-happy. Oops!
  • She has done much better at the doctor's office lately. We were seeing him every other week for awhile, so she began to get more comfortable. We don't have a scheduled visit for another year! Yay!
  • She is sweet with babies and recently lets me hold them!
  • She loves to care for her baby dolls.
  • She loves to be clean. If she makes a mess, she immediately tells me. Yesterday, she walked into the playroom and said, "Mess!" She began to put away her toys. :)
Here are some pics since Christmas:

My parents' neighbor, Jan, made her this hat. Cute!
Playing in the jumphouse before the Stars game.

Asleep during the Stars game (3rd period, OT, and shootout!)

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Shannon said...

What a sweetie! Love that sleeping picture and the hat. Adorable!

I can't believe our girls are big enough to be talking about real beds and potty training!!! Ca-razy!!!