Monday, March 09, 2015

Trying for a Comeback!

Hello long-lost friends!  I am trying to peck my way back into the blogging world.  I feel like we may need a catch-up party.

Well, we did move to the Fort Worth side of town.  I did have a third baby girl, which I'm pretty sure I blogged about. :)  She is the reason I have not blogged.  Oh man, that girl has been my toughest child during the first two years!  Let's talk about her, shall we?

Nadia, my lovely Nadia.  She is almost two years old now.  She has only now, in the last few months, become a happy child.  She cried a lot.  Not just cry-cry, but wail-cry.  Like all the live-long day cry.  Have mercy.  She has low muscle tone and double-jointed knees which has significantly delayed her in her gross-motor skills.  The girl can grip a crayon like none other though!  She has been in therapy, which has helped.  She is so close to walking now!  She will be receiving ankle braces in a few days. I'm planning on big things afterwards!  (Shout out to the awesomeness that is Cook Childrens!  They have been amazing for all three of my kids!)

Julia has been accepted into Audrey's school for next year.  She'll be a schoolgirl!  I can't believe my babies are growing up.  Julia turns FIVE in a few weeks.  If you live in or near FW and are looking for the greatest school ever, ask me where I send my kids.  I hope to teach there when all three are attending.  

Audrey is wrapping up her first grade year.  Things have been going quite well with her in school.  She's beginning to have asthma issues almost daily the past month.  We have watched what she's eating, but it is still happening.  I'm hoping to have her see a chiropractor during spring break this week.  Praying that it can resolve her issue.

We got a dog!  Her name is Lindy.  Julia lovingly refers to her as Lin or Lindy-Lou.  She has been another crazy addition into the family.  She has a trainer come once a week.  I'm afraid she was a bit crazier than what the trainer had planned for when he gave us an estimated bid before meeting her.  She has accepted Michael as the Alpha and I'm heading up the ranks too.  The girls love her.  It took Julia two months to lose her fear of her, but now she loves being with her.  She is a Cavapoo, part King Charles Cavalier, part poodle (toy poodle in her case).

We have something fun planned for tomorrow.  Michael and I are surprising the girls with it.  I will be back with the details and pictures!


Becky P said...

YAY, welcome back!!! The girls are growing up so fast and are beautiful!

Ronni said...

Yay Brooke - I'm glad you're back! :)