Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Visiting Reunion Tower

  Michael and I surprised the girls with a trip to the Reunion Tower!  On the way to see family in Dallas on Saturday, Audrey told me how badly she wanted to eat at the restaurant that turns as you look out onto the city.  I knew Michael was going to take a day off this week to do something fun with us, so I researched to see if this would be fun for our family.  It turns out that the GeoDeck was having the Dallas Zoo come out with a few animals on exhibit on Tuesday and Thursday.  They also had face-painters and balloon artists there.  If the deck didn't impress them, surely those things would be fun!  Cloud 9 Cafe would also be open.  We decided to do lunch before going to the tower and just do dessert at the Tower.  I'm glad we did!  It was quite crowded.

Michael and Nadia waiting to get on the elevator

  The zoo animals were going to be on display at 1:00.  We got there ten minutes early and I thought we would be good to go.  There were so many people that we didn't get to the GeoDeck until 1:25.  We also had to leave behind Nadia's umbrella stroller.  That meant I had to carry Nadia, my camera and bag (which I never used since I was holding Nadia and it was so crowded), and my heavy diaper bag.  When we got off the elevator, we were overwhelmed by the craziness inside the GeoDeck, but we dealt with it.  The zoo had just a few more animals left to show and Michael and I held Audrey, Julia, and Nadia so that they could see.  We got to see a chinchilla, snake, alligator, and armadillo.

  It was pretty warm inside the GeoDeck with all of the people inside, but you could walk around outside and see the city.  The cool weather felt great!  You could look through the viewers, but they weren't very clear.

  We decided to go get dessert upstairs at Cloud 9 Cafe.  This place was already crowded and there was a birthday party also occurring there.  Michael stood in line while I walked around in circles, trying to find an empty table.  We didn't get a table until 30 minutes later, after Michael had stood in a long line to order.  We finally sat down and got to enjoy the rotating restaurant.  The girls loved sitting by the windows and then run back to the table as the table moved away from them.

Nadia is ready for some food already!

Then our dessert came!
Can you tell that they are Reunion Towers?

  The desserts were really good, but very difficult to eat with plastic forks.  The cafe really made the trip.  The girls loved it and will remember this day for a long time.  It was much more crowded than I was anticipating, but you just deal with long waits and crowds.  I really wished I could have had our stroller with us.  Nadia loves that thing and it was going to carry all of my stuff for me.  I didn't really enjoy having to carry 50 pounds for hours, but maybe I needed the workout.  We also had to deal with a broken machine that opens the gate in the parking lot.  If you go, use the one on the right side so that you won't have to ask everyone behind you to back up.  :)

  We decided to that our trip was at first overwhelming, but worth it for the fun our girls had.  We ended our day by trying out a new restaurant in Southlake called Bolo.  Oh my!  This place is really so very good!  It's like and Italian Chipotle.  They are also mindful about how they get their ingredients like Chipotle is.  You could just taste the freshness!  Michael even noted that their tea was really good.  What is a bolo?  It's Italian food in a wrap and looks like a burrito.

  Do you see the cup behind the bolo?  That's an artichoke dip that is served with the softest chips ever!  SO GOOD!  You can customize your bolo, pasta, or bowl how you like it.  If you take a picture of your food and put it on Instagram, you can get a free tiramisu for dessert!  Michael and I are so happy to have found this place and will be back often!

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The Price Family said...

What a fun trip! Such a neat idea. I totally understand the frustrations with crowds and 3 kids, especially with one still in the stroller.