Friday, March 03, 2006

1/2 of a Year!!!

Today marks 6 months of marriage for Michael and me. I was in a meeting with my principal and a bunch of teachers when we were talking about what today meant to each of us. I mentioned that I married Michael 6 months ago. Someone said, "Ah, the first year of marriage. I remember wondering if I had made a huge mistake that first year. Anyone else?" A chorus of agreements rang out. I have not felt this at all! Every day, I wake up wondering how come I got so lucky. There have been adjustments, but never did I wonder about my decision. I asked them if I was doomed because I have never doubted this decision or felt ?trapped? in the marriage. I have lived with a number of people (girl roomies and brothers) and I can adjust to anyone. I can honestly say that because I am married to Michael, every aspect of my life has improved. Here are 6 things I admire most about my husband:

1. He never says a negative thing about life, unless it is REALLY bad.

2. I have never seen another male care for his family so much.

3. He works so hard. He's an honest worker and does it correctly and completely.

4. He is able to look at the big picture and let the little things slide right on by.

5. He begins most of his days by asking God to remind him of the opportunities our jobs bring us as Christians.

6. He has the capacity to love so deeply. I am at awe by how he loves me.

Thanks, babe, for a wonderful 6 months!


Matt Tapie said...

I second that. Michael is a great man. I know we were not very close Mike but I have always had great respect for you. May God bless you both on this special day!

Anonymous said...

Fiquei bastante contente com a história... É bom saber que existem pessoas que vivem casamentos felizes! Tudo de bom para vocês!

Tim Perkins said...

You say..."Every day, I wake up wondering how come I got so lucky."

Ah, this is no luck.

With God, there is no luck.

shannon said...

I've been wanting some details of married life Brooke! I have no clue how I found your blog since I didn't know that you had one:) I'm going to make it a favorite now. Hope to hear from you soon!

Michael Potthoff said...

I know that I don't know you that well brooke but I am thrilled that God brought you two together! Like I have said before I am really excited about what is going to use you two to do for His kingdom! Congrats on 6 months! By the way Amen on never having any regrets on the marriage thing. I don't like it when people joke about that. Ruth and I have been married close to 4 years now and I have never once thought did I make the right choice. It is nice to hear someone else make that statment! God Bless you two!