Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Poor Edgar!

I am soooooo hooked on the show 24. Monday nights on FOX at 8:00. Last night was a two hour special, which I was very okay with. I am never ready for the show to end after just an hour...it just leaves you hanging. So, if you are aware of the show, but missed the second episode last night because you didn't know they were doing a 2-hour special...here's the gist of it: The key card that was stolen from Lynn (Rudy!) was used to let a man carrying nerve gas into CTU. CTU didn't realize until the gas was being released. They sealed off rooms as quickly as possible, but Edgar did not make it! I CRIED!!

I love the relationship between Chloe and Edgar! Also, Kim was informed that Jack was still alive. I bet the man she is with now is also a terrorist and now he's locked in with all of CTU. I bet as well that Tony is going to kill the terrorist that is being questioned because he was sent to the clinic when the gas was released. When Tony finds out that he had a hand in killing Michelle, its over. Ah! This show is so wonderful and intense!!


Blake Perkins said...

I am hooked on the show as well. Great intense action. I feel like I am watching a great movie once a week. I want to watch seasons 1-4 sometime on DVD. I wonder if anyone has them? Chloe is kinda weird. She looks like she has gas all the time.

Brooke said...

I didn't like Chloe the first season I watched as well. She might be my favorite character now. The thing is, I've seen the actress behave in real life and she is really funny and energetic. It is an amazing transformation for her to become Chloe. I started thinking about the weirdos you would have holding those positions and it is a great role. I guess I began to understand Chloe. She has also been very crucial at key points in the show and has always made the right decision, unlike the president the show has now. I "supported" President David Palmer and am terribly saddened he was killed too. It is amazing to think while watching this show, what all goes behind closed doors in our government. I guess it is better that we do not know.