Thursday, November 02, 2006

Busy Times!

Last Thursday night, Michael and I were invited by Nic and Ashley to attend a dinner honoring Texas Rep., Bob Hunter. It was a last minute thing, so I traveled home from a volleyball game at school, showered and dressed for an optional black-tie event in 40 minutes! We really enjoyed the evening, the food, the company, and the reunion of so many ACU folk.

Friday night, Michael's parents and we went out to eat at Tokyo One. Janie and I made sure what we ate was cooked. I had the strangest sweet potatoes, but they were really good!
Then, Michael and I met up with Tim and Stephanie at the DC football game. It was Homecoming, so there were a lot of alumni there. DC won, so all was good! Cold weather, hot chocolate, and high school football...gotta love fall.
Saturday, I got up early and met with some women and teenage girls in the church. I am on a panel with other women to discuss topics with the teens. I'm looking forward to getting to know the women in the church and getting to know the teens better. This month, we discussed every"girl" topic under the sun. (worst date, most romantic thing ever done, favorite chick flick, etc.)

Saturday night, the young couples/families went to Michael and Abbe's house for dinner. What a cute house the Wombles live in! It is one of the old homes in Dallas near Abrams. All wood floors and old-fashioned charm. Abbe is a great hostess. She even had a movie playing that represented the theme of the party.

Later, we (almost all) went swing dancing. This was my first adventure into this style of dancing. I had only danced with Michael a few times before this. We danced at a few weddings over summer, and we aren't very good. So, we show up 30 minutes late to the "swing dance training" and are immediately asked to switch partners every few minutes. Poor Michael has to be the lead and has no clue what to do. We finally just get to dance and Michael and I have picked up on a few steps. I had a lot of fun...don't know about Michael! We may have pictures to show if a friend shares the pictures they took.

Sunday night, the church had "Trunk or Treat." Micheal and Jill were Indians (due to their darker tones) and Landon and I were Cowboys (due to our lighter tones). The kids costumes were great! Some were obviously bought, but there were fantastic homemade ones! I hope y'all had a great Halloween!

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Michael Potthoff said...

Brooke, you are a great blogger. It is so cool to see what you and Mike are up to these days!