Saturday, November 11, 2006

Last weekend, Michael went on a Men's Retreat. He won an iPod for a door prize. That's worth the price of admission! He got to know the men at our church more. One of the elders invited us to go to the election rally where President Bush would be. That was tons of fun. I got off work early and met up with Michael there.

School life has been really busy. I took a bunch of 7th and 8th grade girls on a field trip Saturday to Brookhaven College. We heard from ladies that had careers in fields of math and science. Here I am suturing Garfield! The classes that I went to were mostly medical. I watched the students perform a virtual knee surgery on the computer, take blood pressure and the like on dummies, and take the heart rate on a bulldog and also check out his infected ear!

Tuesday, I voted. It would have been my most pleasant voting experience if it hadn't been for the lady that walked in before me. There were 3 people, including me, voting. The before-mentioned lady was so extremely rude, it still makes me upset.

I was observed this week. Joy. I also had about 30 adults walk through my class (of 30 kids) while I was teaching. Nerve-wracking!

Today, Michael and I are DEEP CLEANING! I am throwing out a lot and reorganizing closets. I have cleaned almost every nook and cranny in this house. I see myself doing this deep into the night. I won't see any veterans today, but if you're a vet...THANK YOU!!!


shannon said...

You look like the real thing Brooke. Maybe you missed your calling:)

Carole said...

Now you need to come help me clean. I SO need these cats to leave so we can finish painting upstairs and get ready for Brett and Jenny. We were going to put the Xmas tree on the balcony, but the cats live there now. If anyone reads this and would like a cat (or two), they're free to a good home. Shoot, we'll PAY you to take them. They're beautiful, spayed and neutered, declawed, vaccinated and all. I just do NOT like cats. It is Brooke's fault we even have cats. She was supposed to take them when she married, but Michael is too smart...he hates cats too!

Brooke said...

Remember, Mom, I only brought home 1 cat. I had no idea you were going to get another one. I'd really take them if I could. Whenever they do leave, I will miss them. Darcy is beautiful and Alex is so funny.

Tim Perkins said...

I forgot to tell you, Carole, that I saw three cats near the dumpster at work on Thursday. One was a black cat with white paws. I can try to catch him if you want.



Carole said...

Brooke, I just thought Darcy needed a playmate. Tim, although black with white paws is my favorite markings for a cat, if you brought home one more cat, it'd be the last thing you ever did!