Monday, June 04, 2007

Another Good Appointment

This morning, Michael and I went in for another prenatal appointment. This time, I had a different doctor since my doctor is on maternity leave. I got a call this morning asking if I could come right then because this doctor will be doing a C-section at the time of my appointment. So Michael and I went looking pretty rough. Michael had not shaven (his beard grows super fast) and my hair was wet, but we made it! I arrived at the office and there was much confusion. Here were the things that caused the confusion: 1. I filled out paper work that should not have been sent to me 2. My 4 different names always bring confusion (I go by my middle name and they still have my maiden name on file) 3. I was not seeing my usual doctor 4. I was early for my appointment. At one point I was asked if I was here for the C-section! They were relieved when I said no, seeing how I don't look 9 months pregnant!

The real exciting part was to hear the baby's heartbeat. I am so thankful we were able to hear it. It is reassuring to know that the baby is continuing to live and grow inside of me. I liked the doctor that I had today as well. She was very sweet and took the time to answer my questions, even though I'm sure she had an eye on the clock! She also made me feel better about my battle with the prenatal pills that I can't swallow anymore. She liked what I was already doing about that. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to keep my food down without any problems and can swallow pills again.

We may be able to find out the gender at my next appointment. We'll keep you posted!


owldog1 said...

I am so excited you were able to hear the heart beat. How fun are these moments and they will pass so quickly? I hope you continue to feel better.

ABL said...

i am so excited for you guys! i found your blog (again) by way of your comment on mel's blog and I had heard from kelly litton that ya'll were expecting. so fun!

hope you are feeling better!

Lynn said...

It must be an amazing feeling to hear that heartbeat and know the miracle that God is performing inside of you. I pray that you will begin feeling better real soon!

Shannon said...

Yea for hearing the heartbeat! I always look forward to that! We got to hear Froggie's this afternoon.

What are you doing about the prenatals? I'm having difficulty too. My doc said Flinstones were fine! Crazy.

Brooke said...

Shannon, I'm taking Flinstones with iron. The nurse I told originally was concerned about that, but not this doctor! The way I see it, women gave birth to healthy babies long before prenatal vitamins. I hope you feel better, Shannon!

owldog90 said...

I have to point out the coincidence that you and Michael and Matt and Kyla are having a baby at the same time and were youth interns the same summer together, how cool is that? Hey future youth interns time line your babies :)