Monday, June 18, 2007

Britain's Got Talent

Quick Update: Michael is laying wood floors in our house and I'm staying with the 'rents. We've been here since Thursday or so and plan to stay through the week. It's nice to have your mommy around when you are sick. I'm desperately hoping to be over my sickness any day now. My mom showed me the next two videos. Be prepared to be blown away and have a tissue ready. The second video is of the man who won Britain's Got Talent Sunday night.

If the videos do not come up for you, you can see them here.


The Powell Family said...

Brooke! I am crying at my computer over "Britain's Got Talent". Now I'm laughing because I was crying. I'm so strange, however, I think I'm going to have to admit that Britain apparently has move talent than the Americans do right now. The little girl was precious, but that guy was AMAZING!! I love to see Simon overwhelmed by good talent when he has that, "You're going to do awful", look on his face. Thanks for sharing those videos. I think I'm going to watch them again now.

Miranda said...


Chad and I watched this guy on Good Morning America, and I was crying too! I literally think I stopped breathing while he was singing. We have it saved on our DVR...I really don't want to erase it!

Miranda said...

Okay...I'm so behind with blog reading and had missed several posts...CONGRATULATIONS! I had no idea! Chad and I will be praying for you, Michael, and the baby!

Shannon said...

That little girl is amazing (and the guy is too) and super cute! Maybe Mallory will be able to sing like that someday? No, not a chance...not with her mother's genes:)

Sorry you are still feeling bad! That is yucky and I'm really bummed for you!

On the lighter side, I'd LOVE to see pictures of your floors after Michael is done laying them. We need to do something in our house. The carpet is getting kind of gross!

FeedingYourMind said...

Both made me tear-up. I think I'm just emotional tonight. HA! Thank you SOO much for sharing those here for us all to see!