Monday, June 11, 2007

Reader Beware - Belly Shots

This past Thursday, my mom took a couple of belly shots at 12 weeks. I'm a lot smaller than I thought I would be at this point, but I have lost weight this trimester. It's amazing to me that I have to buy new clothes, yet I've lost weight. I guess the baby truly takes over your body. Not only does the baby affect my hormones, smell, appetite, sleep, hair, and everything else, it also takes care of itself and makes sure it gets what it needs and grows. Truly a miracle. Speaking of my appetite, Michael had the brilliant idea to buy me some popsicles. I didn't know I much I would want these! He bought the Breyer's frozen fruit bars. This is the only thing I have truly enjoyed eating in months!! I highly recommend them!

Okay, I got the pictures to work. I'm not sure how I feel about putting these pictures up. I guess it is part of being pregnant. It will be neat to look back and see how I've grown.


Carole said...

I should have told you about the popsicles! When I was expecting one of your brothers (can't remember for sure which one), I CRAVED red popsicles. It was about 11PM the first time I decided I HAD to have one....NOW! Tim went to the old Skaggs Albertson's store and got me a package of them; the first of many. With you, I craved graham crackers and marshmallows in the microwave...maybe you should try that.

Tim Perkins said...

Hope the pix work out. I haven't seen your bellybutton in 27 years.


Matt McBryde said...

Congrats to you as well!! How far a long are ya'll? When is the due date!?