Sunday, August 05, 2007

Light bulbs...ARGGH!!

I don't like light bulbs. Well, obviously, I like light bulbs that work and give you light on demand. Lately, that convenience just hasn't happened for us. Last Sunday, Michael installed a new ceiling fan in our den. We checked the box to make sure we knew which bulbs to buy for this, our new fan. (BTW, a part of our old fan broke off and scuffed the floors Michael just put in! I literally cried when this happened. He put in so much work on those floors and then this happens! Awful. But all is not lost. Michael was able to disguise the scuff pretty well.) Back to the bulbs. The bulbs we bought did not fit! So, Michael made a trip back to Home Depot and bought another kind. One did not work. Michael returns to HD and buys two cases this time. He comes back and another bulb does not work! Luckily, he bought extra and did not have to make what would have been his 5th trip to HD that day.

Then there is this thing with our hallway light. At night, if there is no light to turn on in our hallway, it is like walking a mile in a dark, narrow cave to get to our bedroom. (I sometimes exaggerate like my oldest brother.) When we noticed our hallway light was out, we immediately replaced the bulb. No problems for one week. Then, *poof*, the light goes out again! We replace the bulb once again and we have light. THE NEXT MORNING, the light does not work. Later, that same night, the light works! Then, moments later, goes out.

My immediate thought is that we have something chewing on our wires in our attic. I didn't want to think about it, so we've lived w/o light for a few weeks in the hallway. The funny thing was that we would occasionally get light for about a tenth of a second when we flipped the switch. Michael replaced the bulb tonight and everything works again!

I'm beginning to wonder if I need to write I letter to light bulb companies and explain that the consumer expects the bulb to work and last as long as they advertise.

****This post was written for Blake who wanted a more manly post.


Tim Perkins said...

The hallway situation is probably not the bulb's fault. Sounds like a short. We Perkins' don't usually have shorts, but maybe the Hall's do.

micheal said...


I wanted to email you a reply to your awesome comment on my blog but the email got sent back.

Could you email me at kickingatthedarkness (at)

Hope all is well.