Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random Thoughts

  • The name we have chosen for our daughter is Audrey Grace.
  • I am hoping that this weekend is a fun and slow one. It is my last free time before school starts.
  • I am not dreading this school year like I usually do. I guess 3 months of work isn't as daunting as 9 months.
  • What is daunting is the job of "Parent."
  • I wish tropical storm Erin would bring more rain and cooler weather.
  • I have THE best husband. There is no way I could have done better. I'm one lucky (blessed) gal.
  • I just loved holding my new niece, Meredith. I'm glad Audrey will have Macie and Meredith as close girl cousins.
  • The only thing I would change about our church is its location. It's a breeze to get to on Sundays, but Wednesday nights are a nightmare.
  • Michael says at least every week that Farmers Branch is the eye in the storm of traffic. FB is as peaceful as can be, but venture out in any direction and you'll be in very slow traffic.
  • I try not to think about traffic when I imagine going into labor.
  • Audrey will be born in the same hospital Michael was born in. Yes, Michael is a Texan originally...I'm not delivering in Colorado!


Heather said...

Audrey Grace is a beautiful name!!

Shannon said...

Doesn't it make it so much more fun to call her by her name now? I love the name Audrey Grace...beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Yes it did - but then it went back to normal :) Ah, the joys of motherhood.