Monday, October 29, 2007

ACU's Homecoming

Finally, I get to post about Homecoming! I truly had the best time. The last camera I bought, I broke by carrying too many things and dropping the poor camera on the cement floor. I've been wanting to buy another one, and this trip(and the impending birth of Audrey) prompted me to make the splurge. I went to WalMart on Friday morning and had the best WalMart experience ever! The two people that assisted me were kind, funny, and extremely helpful!

So here is a picture (had to try out the camera!) of Michael driving out west. I can't believe he has a smile on his face since Homecoming really isn't his thing. I think he enjoyed the trip as much as I did, though he wouldn't admit it!

The highlight of the weekend was GATA breakfast - by far! I couldn't believe I was getting up at 5:45 for a breakfast! So many girls from my pledge class were there and we had so many laughs together. This is where I discovered that it is wrong to call a pledge - "Flame." They are called "Provisional Members" now. Are you kidding me?!?! I know that my psyche is all messed up because I was called flame for a few months. I also don't think they have to wear their colors very often. What kind of pledging is this?? Below is a picture of the Raiders - Pledge Class of 1999.
Here are some lovely girls I got to know through pledging. Jill is now a good friend of mine at church. Rachel is someone I wish I saw more's not like she lives very far away. Sarah is the most cheerful person and was a roommate of mine my senior year. Tamara is my birthday partner. She's actually a day younger than me, but we have fun sharing it together.
This is my fantastic roommate of four years, Lori. We have shared so many things and I can't imagine what my ACU experience would have been like without her. She recently moved out of the Metroplex...which has caused me to see her more often! Weird, I know.
My GATA roommates from Senior year. Lori and I loved watching Sarah fall asleep while in mid-sentence. She would be so energized in her story telling then -Boom!- fast asleep!
Here I am with fellow pregnant lady, Shannon and her daughter Mallory, and Lori with her daughter Faith. I hope Audrey and Morgan (Shannon's bump) will be friends like Mallory and Faith.

This is sweet Caley. We pledged together, but did not become good friends until our junior year when we both did not have a 10:00 class. We would hang out in the campus center (Which looks very cool now!) until Chapel. We began to talk and have become very close. This girl has one of the best laughs ever! She is truly very fun girl to be around.

And here are the junior year roomies! The last time we were all together, all of the girls besides me had one daughter. Now, Meredith has a boy and a girl, Shannon is expecting another girl, and I am finally on the baby bandwagon, expecting a girl as well. Overall, the weekend was great. I forgot how windy Abilene could get and I'm kinda glad that we stayed at Joe Allen's too long to go to the football game. I got to eat at the famous Joe Allen's, Mary's, and the Beehive. I also got to stay with my aunt and uncle and see some of Michael's family. Oh, and poor Michael. He got to eat with a lot of ladies...too bad the husbands were tied up for much of the weekend.

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Shannon said...

So fun! Can't wait to see you again in a couple of weeks (if you can still make it!). Love all the pictures!