Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm Back!

I had no idea how much I rely on having internet access at home. A squirrel apparently ate through a cable wire outside our house. This has played havoc in transferring files from San Antonio to Dallas for Michael and Brett's class, me selecting and sending in my picks for college football, reading facebook comments and blogs, and reading recipes online. I was able to check my email at school, which helped a lot. The school does block facebook, blogs, and the yummy recipes I read. It's not like I have time to look at that stuff while at work anyways. Let's just say I'm happy to be surfing the web again.

We had a doctors appointment this week. Everything looks good and I only gained 5 pounds this month! That is a very good thing! We also were given the option to induce labor. It looks like Audrey will be here by December 14!

Michael and I have spent today going through closets and boxes and finding a lot of fun pictures from college. I'm glad I did this today because now I'm so excited for ACU's Homecoming that is coming up. It should be a lot if fun to see the people I spent four awesome years with.

Hockey season has started up! Too bad we already have a losing record. Looks like Nashville will be really good this year.

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