Thursday, October 11, 2007


Maybe I got caught up in the spirit of Texas/OU weekend, or maybe I just see this blog getting too feminine - but let's discuss the best sport rivalries.

Rivalries were ingrained into my head as I grew up in elementary/middle/high school. I went to Dallas Christian. We built up games against FW Christian and Trinity Christian as if they were bigger than the Super Bowl. It seemed as if the entire school would be at Charger Field every Friday night in the fall. During basketball season, "the Barn" would get loud and rowdy. We won state in volleyball, football, basketball, and baseball often. I loved sports and I loved the competitiveness of it.

In your mind, what are the best sport rivalries? Yanks/BoSox? Broncos/Raiders? Let me know what you think.


FeedingYourMind said...

In my mind....Cardinals vs. Astros!!

Krystal said...

Mavericks vs. Spurs . . . I have to remind myself that I'm a Christian. ;)

Sascha said...

Donkies (otherwise known as Broncos) and the Chiefs.

How you guys doing?

Rachel said...

Yeah, I went to TCA!

Blake Perkins said...

Canadians-Maple Leafs
Avalanche-Red Wings
Michigan-Ohio State
Texas A&M-Texas Tech
Texas A&M-Texas
Red Sox-Yankees
Oak Ridge Boys-Statler Brothers

Tim Perkins said...

Edna Rowe/Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary Schools...very bitter.