Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mary, Mother of Jesus

When thinking about pregnant women in the Bible, this was the first to jump into my head. But, of course, I knew I should wait closer to Christmas time to share this new perspective I have of Mary.

First of all, how strange it would be to be thrown into this predicament. This could not have come at a worse time for her. How scary for such a young lady to carry such a HUGE responsibility?! How would Joseph react? I'm sure she was grateful when God took care of that. But then there was the public scrutiny. I simply can not imagine what she went through.

I often wondered if God spared her from morning sickness. My thoughts are that He had compassion on her and made this one of the easier pregnancies - but what do I know?

Now that I'm closing in on the end, I have so much respect for Mary. I thought teaching was hard to do while being so uncomfortable. Mary had to get up on a mule or donkey and travel to Bethlehem. How difficult! I wonder if they had little bags of snacks for her to munch on when she got terribly hungry? Did she have to stop and "go" several times on this trip? Joseph had to be one patient man. The mode of transportation alone probably sent her into labor.

Then they finally arrive, and there is no place to stay. (Joseph was probably recounting all of those bathroom stops in his head each time they were told to go elsewhere.) Most people these days would see a very pregnant woman and do anything they could to find her a place. This may be how they ended up in a stable. I'm sure Mary was thrilled and was thinking, "Yea, this hay will be soooo comfortable while I'm pushing!"

One last note on Mary. She was one of the few that knew what she was having before sonograms. Too bad she couldn't register for all of the cute blue things at Babies R Us back then.

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Lynn Leaming said...

I love the movie "The Nativity" because of the way that Mary is protrayed. I had never even thought that perhaps she did not want to marry Joseph that it was an arranged marriage. Then when she is watching Elizabeth give birth and all the pain, she has to be thinking what it will be like for her. It was such an unexplainable thing that happened to her and who would know God's humaness better than the one that had to change his diapers and hear his crys. One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Mary Did You Know", I just don't know how she could have known all that her child's birth would mean.
Praying to hear Audrey has arrived healthy and happy in just a few days!!