Monday, December 15, 2008

Audrey's Very 1st Birthday Party!!!

Man oh man, have we been struggling with health at our house lately! From the last post, you all know we struggled with poor Audrey being sick. Well, Michael went to the doctor next. I went to the doctor 5 days later and then back again 3 days after that! We managed to all be well for Audrey's party on Saturday. I'm so thankful that we were all well and got well enough to shop and prepare for the party. Bad mom on my part for waiting so long, but I wanted to see what Audrey received from her early Christmas with the Hall's.

So, I totally stole the party theme from my friend, Shannon. Her daughter's party was the same day, so we missed Morgan's party. Too bad! Shannon gave me the idea of Winter ONEderland. I had already decided to make a snowman cake and reindeer cupcakes, so it fit perfectly!

Audrey apparently likes the song, It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To. She is not a big fan of crowds, especially if she's the center of attention. She did enjoy seeing her gifts as I unwrapped them, so at least she's normal kid in that department! She got a lot of great things. I'm so blessed to have so many loving family members that live near by.
We almost had an accident with the candle. I had been teaching Audrey to blow, practicing for this very event. Unfortunately, I didn't think about how enticing a flame would be to Audrey and that she would want to touch that very hot flame. Her grab missed the flame, but it taught me not to linger very long around fire with a toddler!
Audrey got her first taste of chocolate! She didn't get as messy as I thought she would. My cousin, Jordan, was trying his hardest to have her put her messy hands in her hair. Luckily, she just ignored him.
So that's it! She turns one tomorrow! We are so thankful to have spent the past year with such a doll. I don't know why God blesses some families with healthy children and not others, but I want to have full appreciation for the gift that is Audrey.


Krystal said...

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Lynn Leaming said...

What a cute snowman cake! I love snowmen. Glad that you were all well enough for Audrey to have a special party. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Kaitlin said...

I can't believe she is already one! Cute theme!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Audrey!!

Abbe said...

Happy Birthday Audrey! We thought she was looking really grown up at church on Sunday.

Rachel said...

Cute, cute party...I love the cake! Happy Birthday to Audrey. I can't believe she's one!