Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Halls

This year, we spent Thanksgiving with the Halls. We spent Wednesday and Thursday at the Great Wolf Lodge. I was a little worried before we left on how Audrey would do without her crib and spend the night in a strange place. She was also breaking in 4 new teeth. The picture below is my poor daughter drooling and with a runny nose.

We got to the Lodge and couldn't wait to go swimming! Even though it was time for Audrey to go to bed, we swam until 9:00. Audrey LOVED it! Here she is in her swimsuit and cover-up.

Well, Audrey's congestion just got worse and worse. I thought it was from teething, but it must have been a cold. She would try to sleep, but her difficulty breathing kept her up all night. I had her sleep on my chest while I tried to sleep on the couch. All three of us received very little sleep. I didn't get a wink. We swam about 30 minutes Thursday morning before I decided that we all needed to go home and rest before returning to the lodge for our Thanksgiving buffet. We only live about 10-15 minutes away, so it wasn't a big deal.
Here's Audrey with Michael's mom, aka, Ma.

The whole Hall clan at Great Wolf Lodge.
Great Wolf Lodge.
Thursday night, we drove home. But we first wanted to buy a Vick's vapor humidifier. We weren't going to stay up all night like the night before. As we drove around town trying to find a store open late on Thanksgiving, Audrey got pretty sick in the car. I'll spare you the details. Thursday night was another sleepless evening. We missed spending Friday morning and early afternoon with the Halls because the only way Audrey could sleep was in the carseat. I think the incline helped her breathing. So we spent a couple of hours cruising Highland Park looking at the beautiful houses and the gorgeous foliage. This may have been my favorite time of the holiday. I don't get to spend much time talking with Michael, so this was great. We spent the rest of the days at the Halls.

Friday at the Halls...Audrey gnawing away on the teether.
Ma and Poppy with their babies.
Audrey went to sleep Friday night at 3am. We had to be back at the Hall's at 8am for a special guest.
The kiddos listening to Santa.
What Audrey thought of Good Ole St. Nick.
Audrey checkin' out her gift from Santa.
Audrey trying to get into the Christmas spirit.
Michael's into it!
On Sunday, we went back over to the Hall's for pictures before church. The girls all got Little House on the Prairie gowns. Here's that picture.
And here's another family picture.
Audrey went to bed at 5pm Sunday night. She was exhausted!

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the brock clan said...

Aw, the Halls! It is good to see pics of all of them! I am sure you read my blog, but we just went to the Great Wolf Lodge last weekend! How fun. I am sorry your baby is fun. I hope she starts feeling better soon...and that you both can get some rest.