Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

This past weekend was full of birthdays. As you already know, my Nana turned 90 years young on Friday. Her birthday was the most important of them all. I also had a birthday on Friday. I am lucky enough to share my big day with a truly wonderful lady! I turned 29. Audrey also celebrated her 11 month birthday on Sunday! I don't know which is more tragic for me: me in my last year of my 20's or Audrey in the last month of her first year of life.

I loved my 20's! I graduated college, became a teacher, bought my first car, bought my first house, dated all the boyfriends I'll ever have, became a wife to the love of my life, and became a mother in my 20's! Makes me wonder what will come along in my 30's!

Audrey is just blooming into a toddler! She goes back and forth on good eating habits. She will almost always eat chicken deli meat. She loves her juice. She finally figured out how to raise her sippy cup up in the air to get all of her juice. She only blesses us with her laugh if we're tickling her or if we do something out of the ordinary. She just about lost her breath laughing so hard when Michael lowered the kitchen window the other day. (weird, huh?) She is looking for a career in speed-crawling. She can walk while pushing her walker. I know she's just moments away from figuring out the walking on her own. The child loves books, balls, and dolls. She'll sweetly hug her dolls. I'm resentful for that (Yes, I'm resenting a doll!) because she has never loved on Michael or me - she tends to push us away. She'll also put a cell phone to her ear and say hello. Out of all of the months so far, 10 months have been my absolute favorite!
Oh, and btw, be careful not to open any emails from Hallmark that appear at all unusual. I received an email that said I had an e-card. I opened it, against my better judgement, because it was my birthday. It was a virus. It ended up costing us more than any of my birthday gifts. Sad day. :(

Audrey before the mess of eating occurs. We have to take a bath after almost every meal. The girl loves bathing. I think it is her secret plan.

Michael placed a cowboy hat on her while we were at the dollar store. Howdy!


Carole said...

Aww, little cutie pie! How in the world did you get her hair in those dog ears? That was quite a feat!

Shannon said...

LOVE the pigtails!! I seriously cannot believe they are going to be ONE in one month! Such a cutie!

Happy belated birthday you old lady!!

Miranda said...

She is too cute! Happy belated birthday!!