Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Another Tag

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I was tagged by Ronni!

1. I had the privilege to work alongside a fantastic teacher during my last three years of teaching. She made every day fun. She has the most fantastic laugh, even though the kids think she sounds like a witch when she laughs. She also is very thouhgtful. For my birthday last year, she left a gift on my desk and a CD playing "They Say it's Your Birthday" on my computer. She was recently published in Newsweek. Here's the article.

2. Michael and I want 3 or 4 kids. We wanted boys and maybe one girl. I can't imagine having a boy after having Audrey. I think I might be scared to have a boy now. I'm not in any mood to have a child in the near future. In fact, I (not speaking for Michael) could be happy with just Audrey. I know that this feeling will most likely change. For right now, the colic memories are just too clear.

3. Michael and I hooked up a couple several months ago and they're still together! This is my first match-making try and I'm thrilled with the results. This is Michael's second attempt and he's 2 for 2.

4. This one might surprise a few of you that thought you knew me well in college. I was in a secret society at ACU. I'm for real. That's all I can tell you.

5. I was "kidknapped" 3 times in college for various things. They kidknapped you to let you know that you were selected for something. I didn't enjoy the kidknap that occured EARLY in the morning! I'm sure I was looking pretty rough.

6. My senior year at ACU, a bunch of GATA girls wanted to strike revenge against a bunch of Pi Kappa boys. We geared up and launched an attack to literally kidknap the president of the club while he dined at Denny's. I was the driver of this attack, so I was obviously very involved. We took the boy and tied him up in an apartment while his friends tried to rescue him. For some reason, I left the apartment and ended up in another building within the complex to be on the lookout. We see an Abilene cop go to the holding area. He released the president and held the girls and read them their rights. They were being arrested for kidknapping. I told the girls I was with that I was going down to turn myself in because I was just as involved as they were. The girls talked me out of it. Can you imagine me having a record?? Turns out that the cop was a dad of one of the Pi Kappa boys and they were pulling a major prank on us. Uh, it worked.

7. I can touch my nose with my tongue.

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Dee Dee


me said...

Glad you posted! and yes, TYE... :)

Rachel said...

With you on #4...I'd forgotten about that! And it's funny because I have trouble imagining having a girl although I would like a daughter. And it's also interesting how your experiences with your baby influence your desire to have children because I already want more...but just not yet!

Lori said...

ok so I haven't done the tag yet, but I found out one of my high school friends recently married a guy that played for the Stars. He also played for the Rangers. I thought you might find a little interest in that. He plays in Germany now, and I honestly don't know if he was good or not but his name is Mike Green. Have you heard of him. I googled him the other day for fun. Anyway that is all. she is on my face book.